Thanks for checking out our gift registry!

We are in full gear planning for our wedding and we are both so excited. The biggest thing for us is to be surrounded by our friends and loved ones. Living down in our little hamlet in Tennessee doesnt give us many opportunities to see everyone so we are really excited to treat y'all to a party!

Neither of us are very interested in monogramed tea cozies, as cute as those are. We have been living together for 3 years and have a comfortable array of home goods. What we would really like, if you are inclined to gift, is a really fun honeymoon!

We havent really researched much into what we would like to do for our honey moon but we have a few ideas. 

We would be so happy spending a week in florida, white sandy beaches, disneyland and all the other fun touristy, beachy stuff Flordia has to offer!

If we are able to save up and are gifted a larger amount of money we would like to go to Japan. We want to hire a guide and go hiking in some of the beautiful forests out there, see the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and goodness, so much more!

We are currently saving our pennies and along with loving family are paying for this wedding largely out of our own pockets. We are so grateful for all the support we have gotten so far and we are really looking forward to seeing everyone in October!

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